Preparing the Nursery for Baby Number 2

Sometimes, it can feel like you might have forgotten what life with a newborn is like. Although you’ve done your time on the frontline of parenthood and have enjoyed life with a curious toddler, older child or teenager, it might feel like you have a few new concerns. There are plenty of ways to get ahead for the arrival of baby number two so that you can thoroughly enjoy round two of baby life!

Baby in cot under pink blanket


Read your baby books, and blogs!

Having less free time than you had before baby number 1 may mean you feel less prepared this time around. Although many things will be second nature, it’s a great idea to re-educate yourself on life with a newborn. Dust off your baby books and pop them on your nursery bookshelf, where you can plonk yourself down and imagine how life is going to look in the coming months as you catch up.

Our Boori Nest blog is brimming with hints, tips and tricks from nursery styling to shopping sustainably and safely for your little ones.

Involve baby’s older sibling

It’s important to involve your first child as much as possible in the arrival of their new best friend. From helping decorate the new baby’s bedroom, to including them in naming ideas, your ‘soon to be older sibling’ will be thrilled to be a part of it.

Our Tidy Magnetic Drawing Board is a great interactive tool. Together, you can imagine and draw the baby at each stage, learning about the miracle of baby growth in a fun and creative way. Your little one can also write messages to leave for their new sibling or hang their artwork and drawings to decorate their new room.

Girl drawing on blackboard

A gift to each other is always a nice way to start their life as siblings. Let your older child pick out a keepsake toy for the new baby, while you choose something cuddly to be gifted back, such as our heart-warming Kassie Kangaroo.


Clear the clutter

An almighty clear out is a great way to get organised for the birth of your second child. Sort through your older child’s belongings, choosing clothing and toys that can be reused.

Invest in functional storage, especially if your children will be sharing a bedroom eventually. Our Wardrobes are full-sized, with extendable drawers, a storage shelf and hanging rail: plenty of space for your growing family’s belongings. Our 3 Tier Changer is another clever space-saving storage option. This practical changing station is ideal for storing essentials on the shelves underneath, with lockable castors for easy and safe mobility.

3 Tier Changer white


Choosing a cot for your second baby

Your baby’s cot bed is one of the most important and exciting investments you’ll make for the nursery, and if your first baby has moved on from their cot bed, our solid premium-grade wooden cot beds are built to last meaning you may be able to use the same cot for your second child. We would only recommend utilising second hand cots from Boori that you have assembled yourself for your previous child. This is so you can ensure the furniture has been assembled correctly and that you have the relevant warranty documentation. As testimony to the longevity and quality of our cot beds, we offer a 5 year warranty. You’ll need a new mattress though and our new range of chemical free mattresses offer a choice of materials and features, so you’re sure to find the right option for your new arrival.

Mattress close-up with chemical free icon

If you’re the proud owner of one of our Expandable Cot Beds that has now transformed to a single bed for your first child to sleep soundly in, something like our Oasis Oval Cot could be the perfect choice for starting your little one off in your bedroom. With increased visibility through the sides for your peace of mind, this statement piece provides the reassurance required for round 2.

There are some products that experts recommend are purchased as new for your second baby including mattresses and car seats. If you are unsure on whether you should re-use an item, please visit Rednose who have plenty of helpful guides for new parents.

Make time for yourself

With the above maybe sounding a little overwhelming on your list of to-dos, one of the most important things to remember is to make time for yourself! Don’t sacrifice the things you enjoy for a few chores; make time for your morning run, prenatal massage or reading your favourite book. Soon enough, your life will be a little busier than it has been so spend time on yourselves as you prepare for your new arrival!

Baby in Oasis Oval Cot next to parents bed with mum reading

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