How to Accessorise Your Nursery

Your nursery is freshly painted and furnished ready for your new arrival, but something’s missing… accessories! Adding a personal touch through decoration and accessories can be difficult, it’s possible to over-decorate your little one’s room resulting in clutter and busyness, but it’s also possible to leave your nursery looking a little sparse. When choosing those finishing flourishes it’s important to look for items that will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will stimulate your baby’s senses as they grow.

Organisational Storage

It might sound a little basic for a finishing touch, but organisational storage provides a functional yet stylish accessory. Our Toy Box is a statement piece coming in a range of colours to suit your space. Not only providing space to hide away messy toys or extra bed linen, but when adorned with toys or ornaments the Toy Box becomes a decoration in its own right.

White Boori Toy Box

You can also style your changing area with interesting storage vessels. Choose sustainable fibre baskets such as bamboo, jute or hessian to house your muslins to add natural texture.

Neat 3 Tier Changer with storage baskets

Lamps and Lighting

Nurseries should be airy and filled with natural light, but in the evening, they should invite cosiness and warmth. Soft, warm lamps will create a calming ambience for your night-time feeds, and decorative wall lighting can add intrigue to the room.

Beautiful Bedding

Continue the woodland theme with our snuggly Scandi Mountain Baby Cot Coverlet Blanket. When it’s not being used to keep your little one cosy you can drape it over the side of your cot bed to introduce pattern to the space. Bringing a touch of playfulness to the nursery, our new Bedding Collections features our very own original illustrations. With 3 whimsical patterns to choose from, we’re sure there is a design that will work with your new nursery.

Scandi Mountain Coverlet Blanket

Fitting any standard regular shaped cot bed slatted side or end panel, our Halo Net provides a fairytale elegance to your nursery. Adding an eye-catching centrepiece to your nursery, a halo net softens and adds height to the room.

Focal Points for Baby

Colour, texture and contrasting patterns not only brighten up your wall and floor space but also provide exciting focal points for your baby. Inject shape and colour into your bookcase and shelves with soft toys or bold prints in an array of different picture frames. 

With a few simple additions you can transform your nursery from a blank canvas to a stylish room filled with character and personalisation. Read more of our Nursery Design Guides to inspire your new space.

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