Create a Nursery Nook in Your Bedroom

Natty Cot Bed in corner of room

As well as wishing to keep an eye on their baby, sometimes it’s just not possible for new parents to accommodate an additional upstairs space for their new arrival. For this reason, more parents are opting to make a nursery space for their baby in the master bedroom.

If your bedroom is large enough and you’re clever with the space, you can organise a whole cosy baby’s nook with a cot, storage, changer and accessories. It’s vital to choose functional and adaptable furniture with a small footprint to keep your master bedroom light and airy.

A Small Footprint

Look for furniture with clean lines and a smaller profile. The end result will be a nursery area that is unfussy and clutter-free that does not impose on your own space. Our Heron Compact Cot is the perfect bedside sleeper, with a lightweight frame that will fit through a standard door frame and locking wheels for easy mobility. Unlike traditional bedside cribs, our Compact Cots are larger and are designed to last from birth to toddler age.

Baby in Heron Compact Cot

Create a Cosy Corner

To define your chosen cosy area, you can use items to partition from your master bedroom. Thick textured rugs work well to zone a snuggly corner, keeping everything neatly sectioned within it. Add a comfortable chair for feeding to make the area as relaxing as possible for both you and your baby.

Our Modular Boxes are a great way to create a bespoke ‘wall’ to contain your nursery spot. This customisable storage solution can be used vertically or horizontally to build something to perfectly suit your space. Whether filling it with your baby’s teddy bears and keepsakes or your favourite houseplant and books, this will be a stylish separating piece for your bedroom.

White Tidy Modular Boxes

Dual-Purpose Products

Choosing furniture for your bedroom that can also be utilised for your little one is a great space-saving technique. With three deep fully-extendable drawers, the Neat 3 Drawer Chest has more than enough space to your store your own essentials, and with space on top for a changing mat, this piece becomes the perfect dual-purpose storage solution for your bed-side nursery.

White & Oak Neat 3 Drawer Chest

Increase Visibility 

One of the main reasons for starting the journey through parenthood with your baby in your bedroom is so that you can watch them closely. With that in mind, look out for items that increase visibility, so that a quick glance from your own bed will rest your mind as you watch your little one sleeping soundly. Our Oasis Oval Cot has smooth spindles that span the circumference of the round cot, allowing not only optimum visibility but increased airflow and a more comfortable night’s sleep for your baby.

Mum in bed with baby next to her in Oasis Oval Cot

We hope that we’ve inspired you with some ideas for your bed-side nursery, if you’re looking to add a modern twist, why not take a look at our Modern Nursery Inspiration!

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