Products Your Child Will Love for Their Bedroom

Girl reading book in bed

We often focus on the practicalities when designing a child’s bedroom: whether the wardrobe has the ability to last through to their teens or if your chosen paint colour will still be their favourite in a few years’ time. What can be missed sometimes, among the busy planning of your child’s space, is the products they will love.

Toys for Little Ones

Children love having characters they can bring to life. Often becoming part of their world, cuddly toys will find themselves being invited to various imaginary tea parties and important bedroom conferences. 

Holding an important place in their hearts, it’s vital your child’s favourite toy is strong and built to last. Our Tidy Rocking Horse features a simplistic design crafted from solid Australian Araucaria wood and with a swishy tail, will instantly become your little one’s trusty noble steed. With some simple adjustments the rocking horse can also become a small sturdy bench for the inevitable but very sad moment your child outgrows their friend.

Tidy Rocking Horse

Loft and Bunk Beds

Whether you have one or two tots or your child has friends to stay, loft and bunk beds ignite a glow in all children’s eyes. With plenty of space underneath for a whimsical pillow fortress or cosy study corner, our Natty Single Loft Bed combines practicality with the opportunity for lots of fun!

Our Natty Single Bunk Bed is a great choice for siblings or for when family and friends stay, but if the second bunk is empty why not create a lounging sofa with plenty of cushions and ambient lighting? Children appreciate an independent space for themselves and this versatile bed can adapt to your needs. In the early stages it can be used as a guarded single bed, then later converted into a loft or bunk bed.

Natty Single Bunk Bed

Children’s Study Spaces

Us grown-ups know they’re children, but sometimes our little ones don’t: they seem to think they’re miniature versions of us. Playing mummies and daddies is a prime example of how our kids are influenced by pretending to be grown-up. Let them explore this curiosity for responsibility by adding more mature areas to their bedroom, such as a desk space for them to complete homework at or pretend to be a busy secretary with their cuddly toy employees!

A cosy reading nook will also provide a grown-up space for your child’s bedroom. Simply add a bookcase to your chosen corner with a bean bag and twinkly lights and your child has the perfect space to sit quietly and enjoy their favourite book.

Girl with Oslo Bookcase

Space for Arts and Crafts

It’s important that children have an output for their wild imagination, and what better way to release their wonderful ideas than through the medium of arts and crafts. Height adjustable, our Tidy Drawing Board is designed to grow with your child from illegible chalk scribbles to marker pen jottings of taking over the world.

Tidy Magnetic Drawing Board

We hope we’ve inspired you to discover what your child might love for their new bedroom.

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