Teen Bedroom Inspiration

Teen girl reading in bed

Convince your teenager to at least wait until you’ve finished decorating their new room before the ‘DO NOT ENTER’ sign goes up! One of the most exciting parts of growing up is the responsibility of designing your own bedroom, however, they may need a helping hand to ensure their space is functional but stylish. One of the trickier ages to design for, this room will act as an understated sanctuary with an injection of their own personal style.

Although your teen’s bedroom will need to stand the test of time and grow with their inevitable changes in style and taste, you might be surprised to hear that you don’t have to give your children’s furniture the boot! Lots of our furniture here at Boori is designed to last well into adulthood. We’ve shared below some points to keep in mind when assisting your teenager with the design of their new space:

1) Promoting Privacy in your Teen Room

Privacy is essential for teenagers: their new bedroom is a quiet space to nurture their personalities and build their own identity as an adult. Now, we’re not suggesting giving them a lock and key, but some simple steps can be made to make your teen’s space a little more private.

The area below our Natty Single Loft Bed is the perfect haven for younger teens to chill out. With the addition of soft warm string lights and a pile of cosy cushions, this secluded spot allows them to close out the world and enjoy a book or chat with friends on their phone. They can add their favourite posters and wall art to the wall behind to showcase their personality and style.

Boy writing at desk under loft bed

2) A Teen Space for Everything

Unlike childhood where it may feel like getting your child into their bedroom is a fight, it may be hard to coax your teenager out! For teens, a bedroom isn’t just a bedroom. As they develop their own independence this space becomes a miniature home within the family home. The bedroom becomes a library, a social hangout and a study space to name a few. It’d become a dining room if you allowed it…

So, although we aren’t suggesting the addition of a dining table, we do advise making good use of the available space by providing zones for various functions of your teenager’s bedroom. Our minimalistic white and almond Oslo Bookshelf is a great place to start for a reading nook. To make a more relaxing space, try ditching formal seating and swap for a bean bag next to a plug point (with thumbs twiddling all day, they’re going to need to charge their phones and tablets!) and they’re good to go.

Oslo bookshelf

3) Functional Furniture is Key

Your teen’s bedroom shouldn’t be style over substance. They might want to get straight into the fun stuff like adding posters and filling shelves with trinkets, but furniture that provides functionality should not be overlooked.

Continuing with a light and simple design, our Tidy Desk won’t steer away from your teenager’s chosen look and feel. It has four different height settings to suit all ages, providing the perfect study companion throughout childhood and into teenage years!

Teens are social creatures, and sleepovers are commonplace. Blow up and fold up beds can be a chore, but our Natty Single Bunk Bed is a great choice for supplying the extra space. When not required to sleep on, the bottom or top bunk can be adorned with comfy pillows and cushions to provide a cosy sofa space.

Natty single bunk bed

4) Transform with Accessories

If you’re clever with your use of accessories, you can transform your child’s bedroom into a teenage room with minimal extra purchases. Although our Sleigh Chest of Drawers can be a stylish storage solution for a nursery, with the addition of a mirror on top you’ve instantly created a grown-up vanity station. This stylish chest comes in a beautiful crisp Barley White, and with a bright lamp and scented candle, would easily become a lovely area for practicing a little self-care.

Sleigh smart assembly chest in grey

We hope you find the above helpful as you start the journey into teenage years. As Boori furniture is designed with longevity in mind, we’re here to support you from baby to teen.

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