The Pros and Cons of Cot Beds

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Alice Cot Bed

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Cots and cot beds have their own benefits and unique qualities that make them suitable for different families. In this article, we delve into the pros and cons of cot beds to help you decide if a cot bed is the right choice for you and your new baby.

Pro - Cot Beds Last Beyond the Nursery

child sitting on toddler bed

The clue is in the name! Standard cot beds have the ability to transform from a cot to a small bed and can be used from birth to around 5 years. This offers fantastic value as it means you won’t need to purchase additional furniture when your little one outgrows the cot stage.

Some cot beds take longevity even further - our Expandable cot beds can be transformed into a full adult-sized single bed and our Convertible Plus cot beds can become a double bed and cosy sofa at the same time using our conversion kits that you can add on later, nifty!

Con - Cot Beds can be Bulky

Cot beds tend to be larger than cots with a standard internal size of 140cm x 70cm. Boori cot beds are slightly smaller at 132cm x 70cm, however this could still be too large for those early stages when experts recommend your baby should sleep in their own cot or bassinet in your bedroom.

cot bed turns into double bed and sofa

If your space is only slightly on the smaller side then you might be able to consider a cot bed with a daintier design, such as our Alice Cot Bed. Stick to simple styles here, as the more intricate designs - like our Sleigh Royale and Sleigh Urbane cot beds - tend to be wider due to their curved end panels.

cot bed with one side removed to make toddler bed

If there’s no way for a cot bed to fit in your bedroom, then you may need to purchase a bassinet or bedside sleeper for the newborn stage. Why not opt for something that can be repurposed as your child grows, such as our Neat Bedside Sleeper which can be used as a little desk when no longer required for sleeping?

mum rocks swaddled baby in bedside crib

Pro - Cot Beds are Solid & Sturdy

A premium quality cot bed is designed to withstand the bumps and knocks of family life. As their main feature is for them to transform into a toddler bed, they need to be more robust than a crib or cot.

All our cots and cot beds are expertly crafted from a combination of solid wood and engineered timber from FSC-certified plantations. We choose sustainable timber, not only for its beauty and uniqueness, but for its longevity and durability. For our cot beds to stand the test of time, we ensure they’re crafted from a strong and durable material - sustainable wood is the perfect solution.

When choosing your cot bed, you should check the warranty. A longer warranty usually signifies a quality piece of furniture and represents the manufacturer’s confidence in the product. All Boori cot beds have a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years, giving you peace of mind that your cot bed will support your little one for years to come.

Con - Cot Beds are More Costly Upfront

Initially, cot beds are likely to be more expensive than a cot due to their size and longevity. However, in the long run the cot bed will provide you the best value for money due to its larger size and ability to transform into a toddler bed and, with our unique conversion technologies – an adult sized single or double bed.

Pro - Cot Beds Ease the Transition to big bed

The transition to ‘big bed’ is a huge step in your child’s development and one that can sometimes lead to uneasiness around bedtime. Having a cot bed that transforms into a toddler bed means your child’s sleeping space is kept familiar, providing reassurance that this step is exciting and not as scary as they once thought!

Do you think a cot bed is the right choice for you and your family? Browse our collection of award-winning cot beds online.

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