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Blue colored Eton Expandable Cot Bed
Nova Cot Bed

Nova Cot Bed

Tidy Bedside Crib

Tidy Bedside Crib

Sleigh Urbane Nursery Furniture Set
Neat Bedside Crib with baby sleeping

Neat Bedside Crib

Turin Nursery Furniture Set

Turin Nursery Furniture Set

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From our range of bedside sleepers and sleek oval cot (which is lightweight and fits through a standard door frame), to a selection of larger cot beds that can be converted from a newborn cot into a toddler bed (and beyond), our collection of baby cots and cot beds has something to suit every family’s unique needs and set up. Check out our Nursery Furniture Sets for cot beds and storage that were made for each other. 

We have developed two unique and innovative conversion technologies, which have been incorporated in the design of our Expandable™ and Convertible Plus™ Cot Beds. Our Expandable™ Cot Beds come with the conversion kit you need to transform it into a full adult-sized single bed, and our Convertible Plus™ Cot Beds go one step further, with the ability to transform it into a full adult-sized double bed and cosy sofa simultaneously. A conversion kit is available separately and forms the slats and side panels of the double bed. You can find these and other matching accessories on our accessories for cots and cot beds page.

Our cot beds and baby cots are crafted with sustainable solid wood including Australian Araucaria and European Beech, giving you a stunning piece of furniture to cherish for years to come. You can find out why we favour solid wood here on our blog.

Looking for a mattress to go with your Boori cot or cot bed? Check out our range of cot and cot bed mattresses to perfectly fit your baby’s first bed. For additional safety and peace of mind, a Toddler Guard Panel can be purchased separately, ready for the transition to our cot beds’ toddler mode or kids’ first big bed

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Cot & Cot Bed FAQ's

What age can a baby sleep in a cot? 

A baby can sleep in a cot from birth. It's a safe and comfortable environment, designed to accommodate them as they grow. If you prefer to have your baby next to you during their first few months, you may want to consider a bedside crib.

Is it OK for a newborn to sleep in a cot?

It's perfectly fine for a newborn to sleep in a cot, provided it meets safety standards. All Boori cots and cot beds meet European safety standards EN 716-1-2:2017.

Something else to consider is your mattress. Our cot bed mattresses are made here in the UK from high quality materials - free from harmful chemicals. The Barrier+ covers are specially designed to remove dead skin cells and bodily fluids (which act as a food source for fungi, dust mites and pathogens), remove fungal spores and limit the propagation of Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli, two pathogens cited as a possible cause of cot death. We have a rigorous approach to the design and development of our cot mattresses; they are pounded 30,000 times to ensure they last and we do wash, fire and toxicity tests as part of our strict quality control. With a Boori mattress, you know your newborn is safe and sound all night, every night.

Why does my brand new cot emit an odour?

New furniture, including cots, can emit an odour due to the 'off-gassing' of materials like paint or finishes. Boori exclusively uses eco-friendly, low VOC paints and lacquers to minimise this, but if when you unpack your new cot bed you do notice a smell, airing out the room and the cot will help dissipate odours faster. Even if you don't, airing out the nursery is a great idea before you bring baby home.