Oval Cots

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Discover the magic of Boori’s collection of oval cots, a perfect blend of modern design, safety, and luxury for your little ones! Our range showcases the best oval cots that beautifully marry function with aesthetics, ensuring your child sleeps in style and comfort.

Looking to buy oval cots that won’t stretch your budget? Our collection offers affordable oval cots, proving that luxury and affordability can go hand in hand. We craft ours using sustainable solid wood and finish them with our chip resistant low voc paint to keep air pollutants to a minimum. 

The modern oval cots in our range are both chic and timeless, making them a stunning centrepiece in any nursery. The durable and safe oval cots we offer are made keeping the delicate nature of your baby in mind, ensuring they get the gentle rest they deserve in their oval cot bed.

From the first days of your baby's life to the playful toddler years, our luxury oval cots provide a cocoon of comfort and peace. Not only does our oval cot last you through the newborn stage, but it can also be transformed into a toddler bed and later become an inviting sofa. Explore our curated selection and find the perfect oval cot that complements your nursery’s style and your child's comfort needs! 

Boori has all the necessary oval cot accessories you need, including bedding, mattresses and mattress protectors and all items benefit from free shipping to mainland UK.